Metalworks with reasonable price and short deadline, we are a reliable partner in construction, engineering as well as industrial sector and we perform most common metalworks. One of our advantages is a logistically convenient location between Pärnu and Tallinn near Via Baltica in Märjamaa. It is convenient to transport goods by road within the borders of Estonia as well as to Western Europe or Russia. Also, we are situated quite close to the major merchant ports of Estonia.

We carry out the following metalworks:

  • Metal cutting
  • Welding works (MIG/MAG; AC/DC TIG; electrode welding)
  • Metal bending
  • Painting and hot-zincing of metal details

If required, we design the details

Maximum possibilities:

  • Metal cutting: size of the bench 2m x 6m
  • Metal structures: length up to 20m, weight up to 5 tons